Tuesday, December 12
15:00 T. Mochizuki Asymptotic behaviour of families of harmonic bundles I
Wednesday, December 13
10:30 S. Okada Some phase-transitions and their q-analogs on powers of the quantum dilogarithm
11:45 T. Mochizuki Asymptotic behaviour of families of harmonic bundles II
12:45  Lunch
14:00 T. Spaide Shifted Hyperkahler Structures
15:15 A. Blanc Motivic realizations of dg-categories, matrix factorizations and vanishing cycles
16:30 J. Walcher Picard-Fuchs equations, extensions and monodromy
17:45 H. Jockers Mirror Symmetry of Branes and the Quest of Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Thursday, December 14: Iskovskikh Memorial Day
10:30 V. Lunts Irrationality of the motivic zeta function
11:45 T. Mochizuki Asymptotic behaviour of families of harmonic bundles III
12:45  Lunch
14:00 E. Shinder Specialization of stable rationality
15:15 A. Bondal Schobers for Grothendieck resolutions
16:30 G. Dimitrov Some new categorical invariants
Friday, December 15
10:30 T. Yue Yu The Frobenius structure conjecture in dimension two
11:45 F. Haiden Semi-stability and iterated logarithms
12:45  Lunch
14:00 N. Sibilla Log schemes, root stacks, and parabolic bundles
15:15 T. Logvinenko \(\mathbb{P}^n\)-functors and cyclic covers
16:30 D. Pomerleano Degenerations from Floer cohomology
17:45 A. Belavin Calabi-Yau moduli space metric for hypersurfaces in weighted projective spaces
Saturday, December 16
10:30 A. Thompson Mirror symmetry for lattice polarized del Pezzo surfaces
11:45 P. Horja Toric Schobers and D-modules
12:45  Lunch
14:00 Y. Shamoto Hodge-Tate conditions for Landau-Ginzburg models
15:15 M. Ballard Kernels in noncommutative algebraic geometry
16:30 M. Porta HKR theorems
17:45 A. Petkov Center manifold theory for the Yang-Mills-Higgs flow
Sunday, December 17
10:30 J. Whang Nonlinear descent on moduli of local systems
11:45 L. Grama On the construction of LG models on coadjoint orbits
12:45  Lunch
14:00 R. Eager Holomorphic Chern-Simons Theory and Noncommutative Geometry
15:15 H. Arguz Tropical and log corals with a view towards symplectic cohomology
16:30 A. Petracci Quantum periods of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces
17:45 A. Bodzenta Categorifying non-commutative deformation theory
Monday, December 18
10:30 B. Davison Higher Kac-Moody algebras
11:45 A. Efimov Algebraicity and algebraizability
12:45  Lunch
14:00 M. Romo Cluster algebras, \(SL(N, \mathbb{C})\) flat connections and 3-manifolds
15:15 L. Soriani T-duality and brane correspondence on nilmanifolds
16:30 E. Scheidegger The hemisphere partition function and LG orbifolds
17:45 S. Barannikov Quantum master equation on cyclic cochains and categorical higher genus Gromov-Witten invariants